Hi! I am based near Cambridge, England - a restless, enquiring mind, a bit of a polymath! Unsurprisingly, therefore, I like to try and see different things from different angles. And hopefully these life experiences allow me to contribute in a number of different areas. Making things happen and making people happy. 

My career to pay the bills has revolved around automotive marketing, working for or with many top manufacturers. A large part of successful marketing lies in the front end strategic thinking  and the back end analysis and measurement, and my experience can be used to get to solutions quicker and more efficiently – ever more important in this fast changing world.

Also, I have been lucky enough to work with communications agencies employing internationally renowned designers and creatives. I am not pretending I would hold a candle to any one of them, but observation and insight to the creative process have helped me develop an aesthetic feel, and in turn develop some of my own passions in photography, writing and so on.

I have shared some of it on this site and if there is something I can help you with, big or small, you only have to get in touch.