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The A to Z of Country Limericks

 Copyright John Deed and Sean MacGarry

Written by John Deed and illustrated by Sean MacGarry,  "The A to Z of Country Limericks" is a light-hearted collection of nonsense rhymes and colourful cartoon illustrations.

Covering 26 of the world’s 195 or so countries (including a bit of poetic licence when we get to “X”!) the limericks primarily aim to amuse, and in addition a sprinkling of facts about each country “visited” might stimulate the enquiring mind to find out more. 

It is now available to purchase in paperback or Kindle eBook on Amazon.

In addition a limited volume high-quality print edition is available by contacting us


Elemental Poems

Of Being. Of the Mind. Of the Heart.

 Copyright John Deed 

This is a personal journey of experience and observation to explore three things:


  • First is the natural world, our place within it and the forces that shape our being and destiny.

  • Second, is a powerful look at the mind and those darker places within, which may resist the light.                         

  • The third section explores the affairs of the heart, that fiery melting pot of passion.  


These poems ask a lot of questions and, hopefully, provide some answers. Conveying mindful insight with strong feeling to spark a thought, an idea, a conversation or create some resonance through truths and interesting takes on life.


It is now available to purchase in paperback or Kindle eBook on Amazon.

£1 from each sale will be donated to MIND mental health charity

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